Medication Dispensary

Any Esperanza patient can receive prescription medications from our Medication Dispensaries, located at all three of our sites. You also have the option of receiving prescription refills through a partnering mail order pharmacy program.  If you do not have prescription insurance coverage, medications at our on-site dispensaries are typically available at significantly discounted prices, compared to retail pharmacies.

Who is eligible to receive medications through Esperanza’s medication dispensary and/or mail order pharmacy program?

You must be an Esperanza Health Center patient to receive medications through either Esperanza’s medication dispensary or mail order pharmacy programs. Also, your medications must be prescribed by an Esperanza Health Center clinician or dentist.

What are my options to receive medications through Esperanza’s prescription program?

You have two options to receive your medications:

  1. On-Site Medication Dispensary—Each Esperanza site has a dispensary where you can receive medications prescribed by your Esperanza clinician. At the end of your appointment, you can immediately pick up your medication at the dispensary.
  2. Home Delivery—Esperanza Health Center partners with Coordinated Care Pharmacy, a mail order pharmacy that fills your medication and sends your refills to your home by mail. Please ask your clinician or the dispensary staff if you want to choose this option.

What are the dispensary operating hours?

Our dispensaries at each site are open from Monday through Friday. The Hunting Park and Kensington site dispensaries open at 9:00 am and close at 5:30 pm. All patients should pick up their already processed medications by 5:25 pm. The dispensary at 5th Street opens at 9:00 am and closes at 5:00 pm. All Dispensaries are closed from 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm for lunch.

How can I contact the dispensary?

You can now connect directly to the dispensary by calling (215) 807-8620.

What if I don’t have insurance to cover medication?

Our dispensaries are able to provide significant discounts on many medications to Esperanza patients with no prescription coverage, through our participation in the federal 340B purchasing program. Similar to medical visits, medication prices are set with a sliding fee scale, which typically results in prices significantly lower than retail pharmacies for our uninsured patients.

What if I have prescription coverage with my insurance? 

Esperanza’s dispensaries are able to bill medications to most health insurances, including the following Medicaid, Medicare and commercial health insurance plans:

  • Medicaid: Health Partners Medicaid, Keystone First
  • Medicare: Health Partners Medicare, Cigna HealthSpring, Humana, Keystone VIP Choice
  • Commercial Health Insurance: Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Keystone Health Plan East

The dispensary does NOT accept the following insurances: Aetna, UHC, Geisenger and Straight Access.  

Do I need to use the Esperanza Dispensary or Mail order medication program?

No. All Esperanza patients may obtain their medication wherever they find most convenient.

If you have a medication to refill from the Esperanza Dispensary:

  • Please contact us at (215) 807-8620 at least 7 days before your medication runs out. 

If you have a medication to refill from another pharmacy (close to your home):

Please call the pharmacy where you last received your prescription to request refills. If there are no remaining refills on the prescription, the pharmacy can electronically contact your clinician to request approval for additional refills.