Community Wellness Center

Esperanza Health Center’s new 24,000 square foot, four-story Community Wellness Center is a new modern facility in the heart of one of the busiest commercial and residential corridors in North Philadelphia. We envision that this new facility will be a key community anchor for many years and a catalyst for total community wellness and health for Kensington.

Community Center HIGHLIGHTS

The Center has a basketball gym, fitness center, multipurpose rooms, courtyard, and conference/event center that extends into a rooftop deck with landscaping—a literal space that rises above the community below with beautiful, long-range views.

Coffee Bean

Basketball Gym

Coffee Bean


Coffee Bean

rooftop terrace

Coffee Bean

Event space

Rental Spaces

The space was designed for the community to host a wide range of events including conferences, workshops, retreats, sports tournaments, birthdays, and other small to midsize gatherings. The CORE offers parking and security on site.  To make the space affordable we offer discounts to nonprofits, churches, and neighbors that live within ½ mile. To reserve space and check availability please email us at or complete our space inquiry form.

Space Inquiry


If you are interested in using our basketball gym for sports and recreational programs please email us at