Medical Student Mentoring Program

Esperanza Health Center recognizes the importance of Christian medical students developing and pursuing a comprehensive, biblical vision of health. Our Student Mentoring Program seeks to equip students, in a deeper and more focused way than our general clinical rotations, to engage patients in underserved contexts with Christ-centered care.


  • Longitudinally mentor Christian medical students from the Philadelphia region who desire to use their medical careers in the service of God’s Kingdom.
  • Stimulate students in medical training to engage practically and theologically with what it means to provide healthcare from a Christian perspective—as a “sign” of God’s Kingdom that points to Christ as the ultimate Healer and as “witness” to the Good News that God invites all to be reconciled to himself through Christ.
  • Stimulate student’s vision and skills for providing care to the most vulnerable populations—medically, economically, socially.
  • Stimulate student’s vision and skills for integrating Christ-centered spiritual care in the healthcare context.


  • Mentoring—EHC Clinician Mentor follows student through four years of med school.
  • Clinical Experience—Opportunity for clinical contact at EHC during each year of medical school.
  • Reflection—Quarterly gatherings with other students and mentors for discussion and reflection on assigned topics and readings relevant to faith in healthcare/healthcare in the city.


Clinical Opportunities

  • First Year—Clinical shadowing (once every 1-2 months) with different members of EHC’s multi-disciplinary team (i.e., primary care, community health, home visits, nutrition, social services).
  • Summer after First Year—Encourage participation in Summer Medical Institute.
  • Second Year—Assigned to do 4 sessions of precepting with EHC clinician mentor (Hopefully for credit through area medical schools Intro to Doctoring Course).
  • Third Year—May be able to core family medicine clerkship at EHC site where clinician mentor works (pending Spanish language skills and school approval).
  • Fourth Year of Medical School—Four week elective family medicine/primary care rotation at EHC.

For additional information please contact Emilie Ziebarth, Medical Department Administrator at