The Foundation for Pillars

Esperanza Health Center has provided primary medical, dental, and behavioral health care in Kensington since December of 2007. During these years, thousands have come through our doors for care, restoration, and hope—esperanza! Motivated by Christian faith, we work from the perspective of God’s love and value for each patient. We are well acquainted with the despair in this community, yet are more intimately involved in healing and hope. Over time, we have added services and deepened our relationships in Kensington. We can proclaim, “How awesome is this place!” We are confident of our purpose here, and invite friends old and new–in Kensington and beyond—to join us in building new pillars of hope.

The goals of this campaign are to involve 1,000 participants in giving $3 million to build 4 pillars of hope.

Pillar 1—A medical, dental, behavioral health and café

In November 2016 we purchased the former Kensington Trust Company building, a magnificent architectural structure at the corner of Kensington & Allegheny Avenues and down the street from our current site. Renovation plans are underway to allow for the expansion of our medical services by 33 percent (addition of two medical hubs) and dental services, also by 33 percent (adding two operatories). Our behavioral health department will expand to address the substance abuse problems in the area. A second location of the Esperanza Café will open here offering healthy food options—a great need in this designated “food desert.”

Pillar 2—A Community health & wellness center

An empty lot bordering H Street behind the bank building had once been the site of a warehouse that burned to the ground in June of 2007, devastating the community. But the neighbors rallied and have cared for and protected this space for 10 years. We have secured this lot from the City of Philadelphia to build a community health & wellness center with parking. The neighbors are eager to have a place they can use to improve the overall health of the community.

Pillar 3—Community health & wellness programs

The health & wellness center will provide services for and with the community. Those being considered include:

  • Fitness center and exercise classes
  • Nutrition and cooking programs
  • Family and youth programs
  • Classroom space for community groups and partnerships
  • Possible day care

Pillar 4—The Ebenezer Fund

“Ebenezer” means “stone of help” and comes from 1 Samuel 7:12 when Samuel set up a stone and called its name Ebenezer; for he said, “Till now the Lord has helped us.” We will grow our current diaconal funds so that we can help more patients who cannot pay for special tests or services, or who are in crisis and need immediate help.




“Everyone” is the answer to two questions. Who does Esperanza serve? Everyone, regardless of ability to pay. Who can participate in the Pillars campaign? Everyone, regardless of the size of the gift. Go to and select a Pillars category, or send a check with your designation to Esperanza Health Center, 4417 N 6th St, Philadelphia, PA 19140. Questions? Contact Del Wesley at 215.807.8615 or