Jesus wept, and so are we. Jesus wept because his friend, Lazarus, died and his sisters were grieving heavily. He wept because of their suffering. He shared their pain.

We are weeping because of the suffering of our Esperanza Health Center patients, neighbors, staff, families, and friends. The injustices experienced by African Americans for centuries were evident for the world to see in the recording of George Floyd’s death on May 25th. This followed other images in recent weeks and months of violence, death, and racism that have streamed on our social media platforms, television and computer screens, and in our nightmares when we try to sleep.

The broken glass unfortunately strewn throughout our city from riots and looting is a reminder of our brokenness. The flames from burning buildings and automobiles symbolize the rage that cannot be ignored.

The mission of Esperanza Health Center is rooted in justice; we are “compelled by the love of God in Christ Jesus” to offer hope—esperanza—through holistic healthcare to underserved communities in Philadelphia. George Floyd’s death occurred in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, which has impacted African Americans more than any other group. We have changed almost everything we do on a daily basis to respond to this health pandemic. We will keep changing, to be an agent of healing in the long-standing pandemic of systemic racism, to the extent we can.

 Jesus wept. He also brought Lazarus back to life (John 11:43-44). Our prayer is that God would use Esperanza Health Center to bring life, both physical and spiritual, to our dying bodies and broken spirits. We pray that He would heal our land. Help us, Lord Jesus.


Coz Crosscombe, Board Chair

Susan Post, Executive Director

Our Mission:

“Compelled by the love of God in Christ Jesus, in cooperation with the Church and others, Esperanza Health Center is a multi-cultural ministry providing holistic healthcare to the Latino and underserved communities of Philadelphia.”