Easter Blessings from all of us at
Esperanza Health Center!

Expanded Dental Practice Opens!

It was just over five years ago in February 2008 that Esperanza’s first dental patient received care at our Kensington site. Early last month, we completed our dental practice expansion on the site’s 7th floor, relocating the practice from its former overcrowded 6th floor space. On the first day of patient care following relocation, Esperanza’s dental team and other staff members gathered for a time of prayer and dedication for the new space. The five newly-renovated operatories and much larger waiting area have already greatly enhanced our dental team’s capacity to serve our patients, and will enable us to reach many more people in North Philadelphia who need affordable, high-quality dental care.

A Fitness Room for the Community

On most weekday mornings at our Hunting Park Health and Wellness Center, if you walk by the Fitness Room on the first floor you’re more than likely to see Barbara and Birdie Bradford there together doing their workout routine. The Bradfords, who have been Hunting Park residents since the 1990s and live just a short walk from Esperanza, are the first “regulars” at our Hunting Park Fitness Room.

Says Barbara: “I love Esperanza! We’ve been living in the community for over 15 years, and Esperanza brings people together — you really get to know your neighbors! I’ve enjoyed being part of the cooking and exercise classes.”

With your support, you enable us to provide our fitness room, group exercise classes, cooking demonstrations, and other health and wellness programs for many others in our community like Barbara and Birdie, who otherwise wouldn’t have access to these services. Please click here to make a donation to Esperanza; your gift will also provide expanded medical and dental care for our uninsured patients, and many other much-needed services.

Also, we’d love to give you a tour if you live in or near Philadelphia, or are just visiting! Please contact Ted Voboril at tv@esperanzahealth.com or at (215) 807-8614. Thanks so much for your prayers and support for Esperanza!