Community Health Promoter Program



In support of the overall mission of Esperanza Health Center (EHC), the Community Health and Wellness Department seeks to invite Community Health Promoters, community members, and patients to grow in all aspects of life in North Philadelphia including physical mental, relational, and spiritual health with the ultimate hope of showing the love and redemption of Christ and transformative work of God in the community’s overall health and wellness.


The Community Health Promoter Program aims to improve the health of our community by:
  • Educating through equipping individuals with practical/theoretical knowledge related to wholistic health and wellness prevention and management.
  • Gathering/connecting community members to resources, organizations, and each other to grow in serving as spheres of influence in their communities.
  • Fostering community leadership through mentorship and long-term relationships that will encourage and ultimately impact and improve the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health in North Philadelphia and surrounding areas.

Program Details:

  • Two times a year (Fall – English, Spring – Spanish).
  • 8-9 week course, meeting twice a week for 2 hours each.
  • Current topics include: Wholistic health; Community health; Nutrition, Diabetes; Stages of Change; Intro to Health care System; blood pressure/recognizing emergencies; exercise; spiritual/emotional health; prenatal/lactation; Cancer/infections; dental; DV; Parenting; Addictions; healthy relationships.

For more information, please contact Tony Gonzalez at 215-807-8606, ext. 312 or by email: